Producer Jim Wirt is currently in Cleveland working on a new project at Closerlook Recording Studios. He’s been burning the midnight oil working hard to finish this band’s new album. Due to a special request from the band, they would like us to keep their identity a secret. They are planning on announcing everything on their own at a later date.

It is definitely safe to say though that the music blasting out of the studio sounds unbelievable. Their music is intense but not overwhelming. The lead singer’s vocal range is impressively vast and the other members possess immense musical talent. Needless to say, this album is going to be great.

From the few times that Jim has ventured out of the studio, it has become increasingly clear that he is excited about this album. As the recording process draws closer and closer to an end, our anticipation for the final product has grown to a point where it is almost unbearable.

More news to come on this project!

Advertisements Producer Taylor Larson has created a lot of buzz around the music industry for his work on the Sky Eats Airplane EP, Sound of Symmetry.

The three song EP has placed Taylor Larson in high demand for his production work. Currently, Larson is producing and recording with I See Stars for their Sophomore release. The album is anticipated to be available early next year.